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If you don't have the space outside, bring the garden indoors! Here are tips for starting an indoor herb garden.

Typically, herbs are outdoor plants, but there are many you can grow indoors under the right conditions. If you're a cook and love creating special dishes for family and friends, consider bringing your herb garden into your home where you can have fresh, savory herbs at your fingertips.

Buyers looking for Tuscaloosa homes for sale often ask our real estate agents to show them homes with certain features. In addition to well-equipped kitchens and big back yards, large windows with great natural light rank high on the bucket list. What better way to start an indoor herb garden?

Choosing the Best Indoor Herbs

Although some herbs should remain outdoors, there are many that will flourish indoors, even in indirect sunlight and limited space. Leafy herbs are easy to grow quickly indoors, so they're great for cooking family meals. You can start your herb garden with these flavorful favorites:

  1. Basil – Basil adds a distinct flavor to Italian dishes like lasagna, spaghetti, and pizza. This herb prefers bright light and heat, so place it in a southern or western window. It only grows for about 3 weeks, so use it before the stems become woody.
  2. Chives – With an aromatic smell and a slight onion flavor, chives add a kick to salads, soups, chicken casseroles, fresh fish, and egg dishes. Chives grow best in bright light, and they quickly re-sprout if you leave at least 2" of growth on plants after cutting.
  3. Cilantro – Cilantro leaves play a starring role in Mexican and Asian cuisine. Cilantro is an easy herb to grow because it self-sows freely. Seeds of the plant can be dried and used as a different seasoning called coriander. When chopped, leaves can be frozen in a freezer bag for later use.
  4. Lemon Balm – This herb gives a wonderful flavor to roasted chicken, pesto sauce, hot tea, and after-dinner cocktails. You can freeze leaves in ice cubes to use in water and iced tea. In the Middle Ages, this citrus-scented herb was used for reducing stress and improving sleep.
  5. Mint – Mint comes in various flavors, including apple, orange, peppermint, and chocolate. It's a flavorful herb for salads, sweet and savory dishes, desserts, and tea. You can even use mint in natural beauty recipes to promote relaxation.

Providing Good Light for Growth

Indoor herb gardens are a wonderful addition to any home, but you must make sure you have good light for healthy growth. You have two options: (1) windows with good natural light or (2) artificial grow lights.

Natural Light

If your home has a lot of south-facing windows, you will get the brightest light and the maximum hours of sunlight throughout each day, even during the winter months. Basil, cilantro, oregano, and thyme will flourish in south-facing windows with lots of sunlight. If you have mostly east-and-west-facing windows, you will get cooler temperatures and only morning or afternoon sun. Chives, chervil, mint, and parsley will grow well with less light and cooler temperatures.

Grow Lights

If your home doesn't have good natural light, most herbs grow very well under full-spectrum grow lights. You can purchase grow lights in various styles, sizes, and prices from most home improvement stores, garden centers, and online retailers. Most lights come with timers, so you can set lights to stay on for 12 to 16 hours each day. Make sure your herb gardens get at least 4 to 6 hours of daily light.

If you're intrigued by an indoor herb garden, contact us for available Tuscaloosa homes that offer just the right features to get started.


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Need a break from searching for your next home? Spend the day in downtown Tuscaloosa! Our real estate agents know that downtown Tuscaloosa is full of unique shops and delicious restaurants. Here are some places to add to your itinerary.

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