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Pool Maintenance Tips

On a sweltering summer day, there's no better way to cool off and than going for a relaxing swim.

To ensure your pool is ready for all your summer fun, it's essential to follow a strict maintenance schedule. Our real estate agents know that a well-maintained pool can be a strong selling point with many would-be homeowners. Keep reading to learn a few maintenance tips that every pool owner needs to know. 

  1. Your Pool Needs Just the Right Amount of Water
    Make sure that the water level of your pool is at the point where it hits the center of your pool's skimmer. Otherwise, the skimmer won't be able to remove debris from your pool water properly. A water level that's too high won't allow the skimmer's door to open and close correctly. However, if the water level is too low, you risk running your pump dry and damaging it. 

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Tuscaloosa Ice Cream Shops

I scream, you scream, Alabama screams for ice cream! July is National Ice Cream Month, giving us a sweet way to beat the summer heat. Although President Ronald Regan first declared July National Ice Cream Month in 1984, the invention of ice cream dates back thousands of years. Whether you like it in a cone or a cup, our real estate agents suggest that you grab yourself a few scoops of ice cream at these local shops.

  1. The Baked Bear – 1800 McFarland Blvd., E. Suite 207, Tuscaloosa, AL 35404
    If there's one animal that knows a thing or two about ice cream, it's The Baked Bear. Make your own custom ice cream sandwich by selecting an ice cream flavor and toppings to press between two cookies or brownies. You can even get your sandwich warmed up to make it an ooey-gooey treat. 

  2. TCBY – 2 McFarland Blvd., Northport, AL 35476
    A sweet shop claiming to have "The Country's Best Yogurt" must deliver, and TCBY doesn't disappoint. Located in the Essex Square Market Place, TCBY has 10 delicious flavors of frozen yogurt for those who would like to celebrate National Ice Cream Month with a healthier alternative. Sorbet, Greek yogurt, and no sugar added flavors are all on the menu, joining classic favorites like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. If someone you know has a birthday coming up, grab them a cake from TCBY for a double-celebration!

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