For SellersRelocating? Moving Up? Downsizing? Whatever the reason for considering selling your home, you are probably asking yourself…

How much is it worth?
Should I sell first?
Should I renovate?
Should I hire a realtor?

It is a complicated process regardless of the current real estate market.
A licensed, professional realtor can guide you through the entire process, maximize your asking price, number of prospects, and time and ultimately your sales price.

There are many reasons why using a professional realtor is a good idea:


An agent who knows and understands the market can help you set the best asking price, and agents with good negotiation skills can help you get closer to that price.


A licensed realtor is knowledgeable in and been tested on areas such as real estate law, property rights, deeds, financing, mortgages, and other subjects and will help you navigate the maze of complex legal paperwork.


Quality agents and their brokers know how to market real estate. This is their livelihood. They know the best avenues to reach prospective buyers and have access to tools such as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) – an enormous database where your house will be listed and found by other realtors representing buyers.


An agent has professional contacts that may be needed to facilitate the process including contractors, inspectors, etc.

Filer Serious Buyers

Good agents can help discern serious buyers from those who are simply looking.

Time Savings

A realtor will coordinate open houses and schedule showings – which can eat into a lot of your weekend and work time.

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